Airbnb Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew

Do you own an Airbnb property? Do you think you have put everything in place and done the necessary marketing, yet the turnup is low?

You are not in this situation alone; there are other hosts like you also. Airbnb is a lucrative business, and everyone who owns a spare property will be eager to list their properties. But in Airbnb, you don't just stop at listing because thousands of people list out their properties too daily.

Even in your locality, other Airbnb hosts are trying to beat the competition, so the only way you can also beat the competition is by coming up with an intelligent marketing strategy.

You may think you have used all the marketing strategies you know, but we will give you some marketing tips you will wish you had known when you started your business. Some marketing tips may seem outdated because of the inception of technology. Still, while using the digital marketing method, those that seem obsolete should also be used because it goes a long way in making your business outstanding.

Below are some marketing tips you wish you knew;

Start with making your property outstanding

Before you go about marketing on social media and telling people about your property, you should first ensure your property is outstanding. You are not the only one in this business, and everyone is looking for ways to ensure their property is exceptional, and you should also do the same. How is your inviting title? Is it alluring and attractive? Do you know your title helps your property to rank top in search results? Think about that fantastic feature your property has and include it in your title to attract guests to your property. Describe your property in short and simple sentences; you don't need to make too much fuss about it. Go straight to the point and let guests know what your property has that makes it outstanding. If you do this, your client base will increase significantly.

Attract guests with great pictures

Most times, all guests ever want to see are pictures of the apartment they want to stay in and its features. So while you are trying to make your title attractive, ensure you also have beautiful photos. Most times, pictures speak louder, so you need to put in enough effort to make sure your photographs are top-notch. If it's possible, employ the services of a professional photographer to give you great shots. However, before taking photos, ensure your property is updated with the latest features that people will love. Furthermore, while taking pictures of your property, don't forget to also take great photos of yourself and include a short description of you before posting.

Ensure your price is accurate

A reasonable price that can attract and keep guests coming. If your property is priced too high, you will likely get little or no client. So how do you set the right price? Start by researching your competitors in your locality and see what their prices are like. If you are just starting, it will be great to set your price a bit lower than your competitors just to attract guests. Then, you can increase it to a standard rate like other Airbnb owners in the long run.

Most times, the Airbnb rate is seasonal, so you can decide to use the flat rate when setting your price rate. The area of pricing should not be taken lightly because it is a great marketing strategy. When you can offer your guests a quality apartment at a very affordable price, they will all be eager to use your property. This is one strategy most hosts don't know.

Use various marketing channels to reach out to your target audience.

Promoting your business by every means possible is one marketing strategy that works perfectly. Since you know your target audience, you need to ensure your brand is visible to everyone. Social media is the most effective marketing platform, but which of the media do you use? Facebook is excellent, and it stretches to millions of people worldwide, but the rate at which people use the platform for the advert is high, and most people get confused about differentiating scammers from real business owners.

So while you may not get a great audience from Facebook, you don't need to give up. Have you tried Instagram? It is the latest marketing tool that works like magic. Once you can come up with creative captions and great pictures, you will attract more guests to your property.

Use social media influencers.

You've advertised on social media platforms, and it looks like you are not getting what you want. Have you tried using influencers? Yes, social media influencers are a great way to market and get a quick result. Although it might cost you a little money, you probably won't even remember how much you spent on influencers when you start making more money from your property. These influencers always have thousands of followers, so if they help in marketing your property, be rest assured that you will get lots of guests dropping to your website.

Where you list out your Airbnb property also matters.

There are various platforms where you can list your property, such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb,, etc. Where you decide to book matters a lot, and it is another form of marketing that most people know nothing about. Most people just list their property without first checking out the traffic or audience or even costs of the site, and this is the wrong thing to do. You need to ensure the listing site generates a lot of traffic and their audience is large. With your logo and your presence on social media, your target audience can find you on the listing site and book your property.

The marketing strategy for Airbnb is not as complicated as it seems; you only need to be up with creative strategies to outsmart your competitor. You can also partner with some travel agencies and listing sites as part of your marketing strategy. If you had known these things when you first started your Airbnb business, you would have been making so much money.

However, it is not too late, and you can incorporate these marketing tips and start making money.

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