The Changes Over the Last 20 years in the Commercial Property Field

The Changes Over the Last 20 years in the Commercial Property Field

The rise of the commercial property market has taken a peak in the past few years. Since 2000, the emerging start-ups and budding entrepreneurs have made this market boom with impeccable peaks. Different countries have recorded their peak hikes upon the commercial real-estate aspects in the past few years. And, this seems to grow irrespective of COVID 19 or any other barriers.

With the impeccable hike, Commercial Real Estate companies have mastered the understanding of what people require to kick start their business from a physical office building. Keeping that in mind, the options were exponentially increased for the target audience, and in the meanwhile, the commercial property field started to witness changes over time.

Let’s witness some of the instances that tell the story about how the commercial property field has changed over past two decades.

Comparing the Trend of Commercial Property Field in the Past with the Present

The demands for commercial properties back then in the early 2000s were less as the arena of privatized start-ups didn't pick up the pace. The governments of each country were specifying or allotting commercial spaces for government-oriented projects. Even though the private companies had started to boom by the beginning of the 21st century, there were comparatively lesser demands with the commercial space that they wanted to avail.

With this pursuit, the people intended to buy commercial spaces at cheaper rates to commence with their operations physically. Over time, the value of commercial properties took a rise as the demand increased. People were looking for affordable yet convenient-to-buy properties to set up corporate, retail, and industrial businesses. And, the graph of pricing kept on climbing higher since then. The commercial real estate companies, who have been in this field for ages, are now earning the rewards of it.

There are many specific countries where the sales and utilization of commercial property took a rapid peak as compared to others across the globe. For instance, UK commercial property market marked an increase of 1.1% in the second quarter of 2014. The growth has never been suppressed since then. Earlier, the UK commercial property market was at a peak in 2007, which they revived again in 2014. All the countries are intending to pick up the pace uniformly to stay at the peak of the trend. But, some barriers and fluctuations have always found their way to block the ways.

COVID 19 did do a considerable amount of damage to the industry in the year 2020. But, the industry is trying to grow again with substantial leads and progress. Let’s see how the coming years work out for commercial property field.

Pre & Post COVID 19 Effects on the Commercial Property Field

The COVID 19 pandemic came as a blow to hamper the official work operations with a heavy toll. In the process, the sales and renting rate of the commercial properties went down drastically, as people were forced to postpone their plan of managing and operating the business from a central office.

But, the Commercial Real-Estate companies were somehow prepared to run the industry optimally right before the pandemic struck. The industry previously experienced a massive economic crisis back in 2008. 2008 was an economic turndown because the companies were not prepared with the ideal liquidity, capital, and other aspects. But, they did had the balance sheets, healthy capital, liquidity, and other preparations done beforehand to deal COVID pandemic with better aspects.

With this upfront preparation, the commercial real estate companies have possibly counted on handling and managing their debt maturities without the concern of shorter positions. As per the Summer 2019 Global Survey, amongst the 750 commercial real estate companies, around 3/4th of them said to have expectations of increased capital availability in the year 2020. But, as COVID 19 happened, the expectations somehow experienced a downturn.

From the second week of March 2020, COVID 19 was globally declared as a pandemic. And, it caused the financial markets to decline downwards ravishingly. Just like all other businesses, the commercial real estate industry across the globe was also hampered on a larger scale. It was possibly because occupier’s businesses were being shut down due to this pandemic crisis, and the trade activities were also being put to a halt.

COVID did serious damage to the industry and has resulted in a degrading price graph upon the commercial properties. The prices are already higher in the year 2021 by 2.5% as compared to previous year. But, this hike is still 5% lower than that it was before COVID happened. Industrial properties are the best performing type of properties that has recorded a 14% hike in the past few years, whereas the other retail and lodging properties have experienced a 10% dropdown.


With slow and steady efforts, the commercial property field is trying to regain its position. Although, it is in a very good position as compared to what they had back in 2020. Therefore, it is important for the real estate companies to hold on and put in efforts to increase the renting and buying rates of respective commercial properties.

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